Pondering Perception..

Sometimes worrying about what other people think about you can really stop you from just being you.

No matter how hard one might try to convince themselves that they don’t care about what people think, the truth is they do. We all do. If we truly didn’t care then we wouldn’t make such a point of saying it in the first place. Well, that’s just my opinion. 

Unfortunately society has made perception, well, everything. I think it’s extremely sad that so many people are afraid to be themselves for fear of being judged or branded “weird” or “different”.

Society has created labels and categories for us to “fit in to” and the funny thing is, even if you’re brave enough to defy the norms, you’re still actually labelled as a “misfit”, “outsider,” “hipster” etc. If you’re someone who hates labels and prides yourself on being different, well I’m sorry to tell you, you’re still part of yet another group of “non-labelers”.

It’s unavoidable really. We’re just not allowed to be who we are without someone or something pointing the finger of judgement. People form opinions of you based on everything, and you can’t please everyone. No matter how much you would like to.Image

It doesn’t matter if you’re the most down to earth, honest, straightforward, nicest person, you might even be second to Mother Theresa, someone will still find something wrong with you, someway to put you down, bitch about you, make you second guess yourself.

I mean the fact that we are in the 21st century and there are still some people who are so vehemently anti-gay. Society and attitudes are definitely changing, but it’s just another primary example of how perception dominates.

It saddens me to think about how many men and women are out there pretending to  be something they’re not, because they are afraid of what their mother, father, sister, brother or best friend may think based on what’s “accepted”.


I mean who decided on what is or isn’t accepted in the first place?

Why is it that thin is considered attractive? Yet fat is ugly and undesirable..


Why is it that being straight is normal? Yet being gay is disgusting or a sin..

Why is it that one skin colour is seen as superior over another?

Imagine if everything was turned on it’s head. Imagine if you were straight in a crooked world. Imagine if you were the skinny girl dying to be fat. Imagine if you were the rich kid wishing you were poor, or the white man wanting darker skin. Seems pretty inconceivable doesn’t it?

That’s because we’re just so used to how things are, how they’ve always been. Society might never change, but we can. We can by being confident in ourselves and our abilities, by straying from the herd and just daring to be different every now and again. Different in the sense that we’re not afraid to have an opinion that’s slightly out there, or to stand up for something we believe in, even if not everyone agrees.