Confessions of my 5 year old self:

Why is it that when you’re five you can’t wait to grow up? and why is it that when you’re 25 you wish you were ten years younger?  There’s always things we will miss about the past and things we will look forward to in the future, but at five there’s so many things you don’t know about the world, and so many things you think you know. Which got me thinking about all of the little things I believed when I was a youn’un. Christmas is just around the corner, and this time of year always makes me wish I could  go back and be a child on Christmas morning just one more time! So I decided to go back in my own little way.. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you,

Confessions of my five year old self:

When I was five like many kids, I had a fear of being sucked down the drain after a bath.

I was also oddly terrified of the toilet after my sisters convinced me it would start talking to me, seriously.

I genuinely believed clouds were made out of candy floss, in fact I was determined I would one day taste a cloud. (Still waiting on that day).

I thought that people actually lived in the telly, and wondered how they got in and out.

I was brainwashed into thinking I was adopted far too many times for my tender age.

I hated going to bed (Oh how times have changed ❤ ).

I believed my toys came alive when I wasn’t in the room. (Thanks for that one Toy Story!)


On that note, I had an actual schedule of which toys/teddys would sleep with me each night, so none of them would feel left out.

Mufasa’s death in the Lion King was my first experience of grief.


That one still gets to me…

I had a strange obsession with fairies..

Jumping on my bed was such a forbidden joy… it probably still is..

Again like many, I had an imaginary friend. I think her name was Susan.. or something.

I almost choked to death on a strawberry mento. I survived to tell the tale.

Similarly, a couple of years later I almost choked on a cola frostie.

I wasn’t allowed hard sweets after that.

I used to throw saw dust on the mean tom cats to get them away from our nice cats. . .

I had one of those pink barbie boom boxes, and it was the best thing ever.


Oh the joy…

I used to think that if I swallowed chewing gum my stomach would stick to my back..

I actually used to dig in the muck.. I don’t care who you are, if you never did this, you were deprived.

I thought dust bunnies were actual bunnies. Still kinda sad that they’re not…

I believed thunder and lightening was just god moving around his furniture.

I used to think that if I ate food with seeds in them then loads of that food would start growing in my stomach.

I was terrified the tooth fairy would get stuck under my pillow and suffocate..

I used to think that if you were lucky enough to get a toy troll with star on its foot, you’d be granted any wish.

  • troll

Seriously, how ugly were these though? and why were they naked?

For years my sister had me convinced you could buy this special popcorn that came with M&Ms, when really she just bought them separately and laughed when I looked for “M&M popcorn” in the shop.. Cheers, Gem.

I never understood the difference between butter and margarine.

I got in really big trouble once for using my mams lipstick as a crayon on the side of our white bath… it was just too tempting..

 I really did believe my mother when she would threaten to wash my mouth out with soap..

I once “Moo-ed” at a cow so much that I thought I was after upsetting it and making it cry, because it ran away.

So there ya have it, a list of crazy stuff I used to believe. I hope you enjoyed reading a glimpse into my five year old mind, as much as I enjoyed writing it. Because let’s face it, no matter how old we get there’s still a five year old inside of us somewhere!