To My Grandfather..


                                                                                      To my Grandfather,

                                                                               January 22nd was the day,

                                                                          that you were gone from my life,

                                                                                 you were taken away.

                                                                  The time was exactly three twenty five,

                                                                         when your chest rose and fell,

                                                                          and you were no longer alive.

                                                          I’ll never forget when you took your last breath,

                                                                         A monster had claimed you,

                                                                               his name was death.

                                                             The battle you fought was long and draining,

                                            but you decided from the beginning that there would be no complaining.

                                                                    The pain in your face was clear to see,

                                                       but you didn’t let it affect you, and all that you could be.

                                                                I wish so much that the cancer didn’t win,

                                                          If only I could still see your signature toothless grin!

                                                                 To day that you had a bit of a sweet tooth,

                                                                 really wouldn’t be all that far from the truth!

                                                      I miss seeing you cutting the grass on long summer days,

                                                                        I miss running to you for a hug,

                                                                     and raiding your jar of milky ways!

                                                I miss your laugh, and going for drives in your old white car,

                        but on times like these I look to the sky and know that you are the biggest and brightest star.

                                                  We had this thing where you would rub your beard against my face,

                                                                                 it’d make us both laugh, 

                                                                              and then we would embrace.

                                                                There are times I wish that you were still here,

                                                                  but I know in my heart you are always near.

                                                      There are things I never got to tell you, which I will always regret,

                                    which is why I’m writing you this, to show you that you’re somebody I will never forget.

                                                                       You are never all that far from my mind,

                                               So grandad I guess all that’s left to say is that you were truly one of a kind.