100 things I did in 2014

1. Survived living and working in Dublin
2. Moved to Sweden for 4 Months
3. Met some wonderful people from all over the world
4. Got closer to nan in Dublin
5. Accidentally drank my own contact lense
6. Broke into my own house after a night out
7. Stole multiple cans of coke from a Swedish chipper
8. Laughed a lot
9. Visited Lapland
10. Went out 13 weekends in a row
11. Purchased a bike in Sweden
12. Survived being single for the first time in 4 years
13. Fed reindeer
14. Used a pizza box as a pillow
15. Saw the northern lights
16. Went dog sledding and snow mobiling
17. Moved house twice
18. Only ‘vommed and dashed’ once.
19.Turned 21
20. Changed my first ever light bulb
21. Still in college
22. Braces off
23. Ellie Goulding and Beyoncé concert
24. International lovee😂
25. Did my first ever key note presentation
26. Accused of “plagiarism”
27. Survived plagiarism accusation
28. Built a snow person “Kim Snowdashian”
29. Got closer to some of my amazing cousins
30. Learned that ‘TP’ stands for toilet paper
31. Tried sweet potato fries for the first time (didn’t like sweet potato fries)
32. Visited an elk farm
33. Unknowingly ate elk stew
34. Spent more money than I probably earned
35. Lost my bank card
36. Peed in public (multiple times)
37. Got knocked off my bike by a random swede on her bike
38. Made a snow angel
39. Only got tonsillitis once
40. Witnessed a shooting star
41. Celebrated my friends turning 21
42. Did a ‘comedy improv’ course with work. Still not funny.
43. Locked up an entire office block on my own multiple times and nothing bad happened
44. Laughed so hard I cried
45. Listened to Ed Sheeran’s album on repeat
46. Acquired Script tickets
47. Mixed white wine and red wine
48. Drank copious amounts of cartoned wine called “prego”
49. Didn’t actually get prego.
50. Binge watched game of thrones, suits, and orange is the new black
51. Tried balyage
52. Fell off my bike multiple times
53. Drunk cycled
54. Drunk shifted
55. Got hurt
56. Took a 6 hour train, twice.
57. Visited Norway
58. Burnt pizza
59. Got given an iPad
60. Documented my own drunken antics far too many times
61. Stole some poor guys rickshaw in Dublin
62. Acquired multiple rickshaw rides for free on the same night (hooray for Julio)
63. Drunkenly fell
64. Soberly fell
65. Knocked over a table of drink
66. Made mistakes
67. Had no RAGRETS
68. Placed in the top 25 for blog awards Ireland
69. Took too many selfies
70. Got denied entrance into coppers
71. Got into coppers anyway
72. Acquired a stalker by the name of Ali Bibbi
73. Got asked on a date to Mcdonalds by Dublin bus driver
74. Survived multiple near knock downs
75. Went to life in colour
76. Tried a McChicken Sandwich instead of chicken nuggets in McDonalds
78. Wrote a letter to my 13 year old self
79. Did ice bucket challenge and no make up selfie
80. Purchased a serious amount of mac lipstick
81. Had the fear too many times
82. Saw Des Bishop live
83. Nandos Nandos Nandos
84. Went for cocktails
85. Got egged by 12 year olds on Dame Street
86. Bet my nan at scrabble
87. Experienced ‘adult life’ and responsibility
88. Mastered the Swedish currency eventually
89. Got up every morning at 7am for 6months straight
90. Witnessed the sun set everyday at 2:30pm for 4 months
91. Had a BBQ at a lake
92. Got through a really difficult time
93. Wrote more
94. Went to my first ever hockey game
95. 12B night.
96. Made life long memories
97. Spent a night in the airport
98. Got a lift to work in an ambulance bus
99. Hugged harder and laughed louder
100. Wrote this list.



The best things about Christmas

So Christmas is just a matter of days away, and it’s hard to believe it’s that time of year again! It always comes around so quickly. In true festive spirit I decided to compile a list of what I feel are the absolute best things about Christmas time  🙂

In no particular order..

1. The tree. I mean come on, putting a giant tree in your sitting room and getting to decorate it is unique and special to this time of year. There is nothing quite like the happiness a christmas tree brings. Just look at all those pretty lights. Plus the smell is so nice if you go for a real tree.


2. The absolute chooons.


ya scumbag, ya maggot. 

Because really, what were Christmases before Mariah Carey, The Pogues, and Band aid?

3. Woolen winter warmers! 


Getting to wrap up in the cold christmas weather is the best. Hat, scarves, knits, boots and gloves. There is just something so undeniably cosy about the winter wardrobe.

4. The Lights. 


There’s always pretty lights everywhere and it’s just so magical and happy and enchanting.

5. Hot Chocolate.


Hot chocolate warms the soul and it’s the season to drink copious amounts of it without feeling guilty 🙂

6. Christmas nights out.


Always so much better than your standard night out. Christmas is a chance to get together with friends you mightn’t have seen much of during the year and ruin your livers with plenty of alcohol and festive cheer! Stephens night is always a messy one.

7. Ugly christmas jumpers.


Don’t deny it, we all love them. Christmas isn’t complete without donning one of these festive favourites.



There aren’t enough drooly emojis to explain. There’s just so much yummy food and its glorious. It’s the time to indulge and expand your waistline 😉

9. Presents.

giphy (1)

Yeah Yeah, Christmas shouldn’t be about the presents, it’s about spending time with the people you love and all that jazz. But come on, everyone loves the presents. Even shopping for presents for other people is so lovely. It’s so nice sitting around the christmas tree and watching for everyones reactions when they open their presents. Plus new stuff. Nothing beats new stuff.

10. Christmas Movies.

giphy (2)

Curling up by the fire to watch countless feel good christmas movies is just the best. From the Santa Claus, to the Grinch and Jack Frost, we love them all. These movies are a chance for us to relive the child in us at Christmas and you’d by lying if you said you didn’t look forward to the onlsaught of all these movies every year.

11. Home alone.


It’s getting it’s own category just because. McCaullay Culkin’s adventures as Kevin Mccallister the poor kid who is constantly left behind, must be the greatest series of Christmas movies of all time. Don’t fight me on this. (I met the bird lady from Home Alone 2, I know people).

12. Ice Skating.


Even though i’m probably the most uncoordinated person on the planet, ice skating is still a fun festive favourite. Even if it is just going to result in you and your friends getting absolutely busted up, it’s still a great christmassy activity.

13. Christmas Sales and Shopping.


Granted I’m never brave enough to go in on Stephen’s day (bless all the souls that are) but theres nothing like those days out to town a couple of days after Christmas and getting to blow all your money in the sales.

14. Starbucks Cinnamon Latte. 


Because what basic white girl doesn’t look forward to this every Christmas?

15. Loved ones coming home.


This one is the best. How sweet is it when relations living all across the globe come back and surprise everyone for Christmas? I got to fly home this year myself and it was such an exciting feeling walking through the airport terminal 🙂

16.The general cheer.


Everyone is just so much happier this time of year. In the words of REM shiny happy people everywhere 🙂

17. Michael Bublé.


I instantly think of Christmas whenever I hear Michael Bublé. Seriously the guy seems to lie dormant all year, and then resurfaces every December to re-release his Christmas album that everyone adores.

18. Board Games.


I don’t know about you but I love when the board games get whipped out at Christmas. Nothing better than having a few drinks and getting competitive with the fam over a classic game of Operation. Best avoid Monopoly though, that’s  a relationship ruiner no matter what time of year. Chances are you’ll all still be playing it until next Christmas anyway.

19. These a bad boys!


20. Getting to express your inner child. 


You’re 21, big deal. At Christmas you are completely justified in acting like the big kid you really are. Colour with your siblings, scream along to singstar, play with dolls, remote control cars whatever takes your fancy. There is absolutely no judgement here.

21.Candy canes! 


4 for you glen coco, you go glen coco.

Sugary goodness 🙂

22. Harry Potter marathons.


queue magical hogwarts music. Why is it that Harry Potter has suddenly become associated with Christmas? Whatever the reason I’m not complaining. Love when these are all shown over Christmas. 🙂

23. Special Christmas episodes of your favorite TV shows.


24 When strangers and retailers wish you a Happy Christmas.


25. Mulled wine.


Delicious warmth in a glass.

26. Christmas Eve.


There is nothing quite like the excitement of Christmas eve, no matter what age you are 🙂

27. Christmas PJs.


They are just so fun and cute!

28. Christmas Dinner.


Cant.Stop.Salivating. Nothing like the nap that comes after this feed either!

29. All the Christmas Ads.


Christmas is the only time of the year we actually enjoy ads.  Coca Cola, John Lewis, Guinness.

30. Getting handwritten christmas cards in the post.


These days handwritten messages and cards are few and far between, so Christmas is one of the few times they make a come back and it’s really nice to see.

And last but not least… The main man himself

31. Santa – because what would it all be without him? (Tim Allen was the best Santa Claus of all time btw)


So there you go, some of my absolute favourite things about Christmas time. What are yours? 🙂 I’m sure there’s loads more for people that I’ve left out. I hope wherever you are this Christmas you have a happy and special one. Enjoy, eat, drink and be merry ❤