Grandad Joe

Eight years have since passed,
But your memory in our hearts will forever last.

Pictures of you line the halls, the sitting room,
The kitchen and the walls.

Your smiling face, takes pride of place,
filling the absence left by your embrace.

The room in which you took your last breath,
Is now filled with the laughter of grandchildren you never met.

But don’t worry they know all about their grandad Joe,
Who in heaven loves them more than they will ever know.

Your presence throughout this house is always felt,
We no longer feel anger for the cards you were dealt.

We miss your laughter and your toothless grin,
We miss you backing horses that would almost always win!

We miss your signature sayings and all of your funny ways,
We still turn to you for comfort, in the darkest of days.

“An empty sack won’t stand and a full one won’t bend”
Among many of your quotes we will always transcend.

In knowing you there is nothing we regret,
A man full of courage, hope and strength is impossible to forget.

Our love for you will never cease,
We have faith in the knowledge that now you are at peace.