Yes to equality

love is love

I live in a country which fought for freedom for so long,
Yet denies it’s citizens the tune to their own song.
I live in a country where same sex couples have no right to marry,
and young people have far too many burdens to carry.
I live in a country that’s trying to put a boundary on love,
amongst bigots and oppressors not worth speaking of.
I live in a country where gender balance in nature is the golden rule,
and we must not all swim in the same pool.
Children must have both a mother and a father,
having two mams or two dads is not something one should rather.
I live in a country where a woman chooses to take her own life,
because it isn’t accepted to make her girlfriend her wife.
I live in a country where it’s a privilege to be straight,
but being gay is met with hostility and hate.


I want to live in a country with more tolerance, support and compassion.
Lets bring acceptance and understanding back into fashion.
I want to live in a country where everyone is equal in the eyes of the state,
love shouldn’t be gendered, and it shouldn’t be an issue of debate.
The impending referendum has seen such positivity from the yes campaign,
this is a solidarity I want the country to remain.
I feel comfort in knowing that change is on its way,
and I hope that Ireland will vote “yes to equality” on the 22nd of may.